Download videos:

  • Desktop: Click the download button from the table.  File will download to browser default location.
  • Andriod: Click and hold the download button.  Select Download link.
  • iPhone/iPad: Download the video to your computer and then sync with either iTunes or Airdrop if you have a Mac.  It will put the file in your photos.  You can also use Dropbox or Google drive.  Go to the file you are trying to download.  Tap on the Share button. Select “Save to Dropbox”.

How to make an app like icon on phone home screen:

  • Andriod:  Open page in Chrome browser. Click the ellipsis icon, (three vertical dots), in the upper right corner.  Select Add to Home screen.
  • iPhone/iPad: Open page in Safari.  Click the share button.  Select Add to Home screen.

How to share a video link

From your mobile device click and hold the play button for the video you wish to share.  Select “Share link” from the menu.

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